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Jaymee's Choices
Packlands Book 1
Complete / 100,000+ words

Jaymee's Firestorm
Packlands Book 2
11,995 / 100,000+ words

Jaymee's Resolve
Packlands Book 3
0 / 100,000+ words

Jaymee's Verdict
Packlands Book 4
0 / 100,000+ words

Stay and die..or seek ally in Oria Bay. The choices weren't to her liking, but Jaymee Caldera meant to matter what it took. And Oria Bay meant the Village Prime Packs and their Alpha, Gideon Westcott, the only people with the strength and power to help her live.

Simon and Maxx
(Budd and Teegrr)

Tempest's Rage
Folkin Book 1
Complete / 90,000+ words

Tempest's Challenge
Folkin Book 2
0 / 90,000+ words

Being Reciprocate to a 1,000+ year old Folkin Elder was difficult enough, but Tempest Duvayne now had to deal with Daire D'eath as potential mate, unlock the secrets of her genealogy, and stay one step ahead of the assassins who killed her grandmother and now want her. What else can go wrong? The Elder is buried beneath hundreds of feet of dirt and rock, his chamber is failing and if he dies he could take her with him. His kin is on the way from across the galaxies and the Matriarch is pissed. And her best friend is from another dimension and his family is trying to invade. How did her life get so complicated?

Wolf and Rose
(Working Title)
58,389 / 100,000 Words

The world has changed. The North Continent States took the place of the United States, Canada and Mexico and the countries of the World are governed by a World League. Maddi Barnes faces off with a serial killer while her brother and mate are serving the special ops of the military. Stoner Barnes and Jonas Branson return to the States looking for Maddi and Jonas' brothers. Maddi has to take control of the Wolf and Rose Pack to save her mate while she juggles dimensional Ancestors, Challenges and stalkers.

Dream A Little Dream
(Working Title)
1,000 / 100,000 Words


Shadow Play
(Working Title)
3,300 / 100,000 Words


Tracing Shadows
(Working Title)
300 / 100,000 Words


Pendragon's Flight
(Working title)
14,250 / 100,000 Words


(Working title)
571 / 100,000 Words





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